Scruffpuppie’s debut album ‘letters to nobody’ is coming in January

Check out new single 'wondering how' now.
Photo Credit: Julian Burgueño

Scruffpuppie has announced their debut album, ‘letters to nobody’.

Their first full-length is set for release on 28th January via Saddest Factory Records, preceded by new single ‘wondering how’.

They explain: “‘wondering how’ has a combination of both elements from all of the songs on this record, switching from being soft and pretty, like ‘paint’, and then going towards more of a rock ballad, like ‘assignment song’.

“This song talks a lot about the aftermath of my addiction, and the awe-like state that getting clean put me in. How did I get this far? A year ago I was nodding off sitting at my guitar trying to tune it correctly, and now I’m in Los Angeles recording some of the most amazing art I’ve ever created. ‘wondering how’ is a perfect example of the hope I have begun to incorporate in my writing.”

Check it out below; the record’s full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. the morning where i woke and rode again (intro)
  2. assignment song
  3. october 14
  4. wondering how
  5. feel better (ft. stagehoax)
  6. the distance
  7. we miss you even though you’re here
  8. paint
  9. a lesson from the moon
  10. silly ideologies
  11. lost and found
  12. carelessness
  13. sometimes (ft. Phoebe Bridgers)
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