Self Esteem has debuted a new single, ‘How Can I Help You’

It's Really Rather Brilliant, actually.

Self Esteem has debuted a Really Rather Brilliant new single, ‘How Can I Help You’.

It’s taken from her forthcoming second solo album, ‘Prioritise Pleasure’, and is described in a press release as “a biting response to the misogynistic standards and objectification that women are subjected to.”

“‘How Can I Help You’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the second album,” Rebecca Lucy Taylor explains. “After touring the first record and most weeks being told that I am underrated or intimidating I just felt very fed up. I guess I’ll be eternally angry for the way as a woman unless you’re sweet, nice, settled and quiet, you’re considered ‘different’ and ‘difficult’.

“I wanted to play the drums in the video to reclaim how often I used to feel self conscious playing them. The physical act of a woman playing a drum means your tits move – all I ever wanted to do was play but it always came with this fear of being looked at in that way. Now my tits move for me, my song, my video. I’m also aware it’s probs a nice watch if you’re that way inclined, but I’m afraid if you wanna watch it you have to hear what I’ve got to say. Click for the tits, stay for the feminism!”

It arrives alongside a self-directed video shot at The Almeida Theatre and produced by Mr Mr Films, which you can check out below. The album ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ is set for release on 22nd October via Fiction.

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