Look, it might be nothing, but we wouldn’t be Dork if we didn’t highlight the fact The 1975’s website has gone blank

It says more about pop nonsense than it does about us. Promise.
Photo creditL Frances Beach

When bands are about to ‘do something’, they tend to embark on a creative palette cleanser. Social media profiles wiped, decks cleared, fresh websites uploaded.

One band who has a history of this are The 1975 – who famously basically deleted themselves off the planet between albums in the past. So, it’s with note that we point out that, as of this morning – Monday, 14th February – their website has… y’know. Gone.

This may be nothing – a technical snafu could easily account for the development, so it could even be back by the time you read this – but with recent news the band have been in the studio at work on new music, and at least one teasy tweet from inside their camp over the weekend… maybe it does mean something?

Back at the start of January, the band shared photos from the studio, including a to do list that stated they should ‘make [a] great record’. Add to that frontman Matty Healy’s appearance late in 2021 supporting Phoebe Bridgers in LA with new songs in tow, and it’s certainly worth keeping eyes on. If only to come back later and tell us to stop being such ridiculous buzz chasers.

It’s what music is about. You love it really. Shut up.

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