Gracie Abrams – Good Riddance

A masterclass in intimate and evocative songwriting.

Label: Polydor Records
Released: 24th February 2023

Gracie Abrams’ long-awaited debut album is a stunner. A masterclass in intimate and evocative songwriting from an artist who has already established their own universe and is filling it with supremely detailed vignettes that combine youthful desire, winsome charm and a yearning escapism to heartstopping effect. 

‘Good Riddance’ is an emotional rollercoaster. Rooted in the most simple and resonant feelings and amplified by Gracie’s knack for a piercing image that details every precise detail of a moment in time, it’s an album with incredible depth for someone so young and possesses an atmosphere and charm all of its own.

Sonically, every cut seems to begin delicately before swelling to quietly epic proportions. On a song like ‘Best’ it’s understated and the goosebumps on your arms are just slightly present by the time we get to the movie soundtrack-like thrilling rush and abandon of ‘Difficult’, those goosebumps are off the charts. The real heart of the album though is in its hushed super quiet moments, where the beauty of Gracie’s songs and voice are most keenly felt complemented by Aaron Dessner’s sympathetic production.

Distilling everything into its purest form, it’s a debut that perfectly illustrates the transcendent quality of very special songwriting.

5.0 rating
Total Score
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