Two Door Cinema Club – Keep On Smiling

A simmering album of sun-drenched tunes sure to brighten many a summer day.

Released: 2nd September 2022

Having grown from the spiky indie-rock of ‘Tourist History’ into the vibrant world of ‘False Alarm’ over the span of the last decade, Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club take their first steps into the 2020s with a bold new record that sustains the appeal of their journey to date but focuses momentum on the future.

Despite choosing to introduce this project with lead single ‘Wonderful Life’, the most obvious nod to their youthful style recounting a bittersweet dream to recapture that pure happiness, ‘Keep On Smiling’ actually opens with an alluring retro instrumental that announces the dawn of new ambitions for the group. ‘Blue Light’ raises the stakes of the charged alt-pop-rock that undeniably provides the stylistic foundations for the record, but ‘Everybody’s Cool’ cements the desire for a loose experience, practically fizzing with excitement.

Nonchalantly bringing barrelling energy to even the moodier of moments, Alex and co. bring together pop, rock, jazz and classical sounds to replenish their ever-growing pool of bangers, and fans from every stage of their career will find corners to lean into; glimpses of eras past exhibit the core vigour behind the long-standing indie giants.

It is the creative risks buried within that hold the most promise, though; the deep dance beats of ‘Millionaire’ and distorted vocals of the irresistibly groovy ‘Won’t Do Nothing’ exemplify distinctive and transformative progression for the band amongst the comfortability of their relentless sonic imprint. Fortunately, that lived-in tone is far from sounding tired as smooth vocal melodies, and bouncy riffs continue to enthral, and scattered instances of intimacy pierce through rich, heavily-produced soundscapes.

Two Door Cinema Club should have faith in their own experimentation – ‘Keep On Smiling’ is a simmering album of sun-drenched tunes sure to brighten many a summer day.

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