Hype List 2023: Part 1

We've already been bringing you some of our standout picks, but there's a whole universe of exciting music to get lost in.

A new year on the horizon always brings with it a spotlight on the best new talent. The Hype List is our annual rundown of who you should be keeping an eye on over the next twelve months. We’ve already been bringing you some of our standout picks, but there’s a whole universe of exciting music to get lost in. We’ll be introducing you to the rest of them in two bumper parts. Let’s get started, then…

FROM: Pennsylvania, USA

Invigorating duo Joey Valence & Brae have blitzed through 2022 with a scorching streak of hip-hop heavy singles. Throwing in influences from rap, rock, and the entire spectrum bridging the two, they’ve stumbled upon a raw and carefree sound that exists out of time but could easily be adopted by the new generation – famed rapper and recent collaborator Logic is but one of many fans. FH

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: St. Vitamin

Once the bassist of indie icons Palma Violets, Jesson has matured and evolved his creative direction into a loose and high-energy style he has recently dubbed “born-again pop”. His 2022 debut EP offers everything from a pulsating electronic core, thrashing and squirming guitar lines, and a sincere focus on a mental fragility he clearly understands well. FH

Photo credit: Azeez Kazzim

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Round The Bend

Four tracks in and already stirring up a heated reputation, this eclectic four-piece are slowly carving their place amongst the emerging indie elite – signed to tastemakers Nice Swan and endorsed by Wet Leg, there’s clearly a deceptive appeal to the communal madness Malady find comfort in. With more remixes than songs released, the band are deliberately reinventing themselves at each stage, and it’s an undeniably admirable pursuit. FH

Photo credit: Dani Monteiro

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Play Pretend (feat. spill tab)

Nine8 Collective’s resident producer Mac Wetha stepped into the spotlight with a slew of 2021 solo releases, revealing a previously unseen side to the artist. Releasing his EP ‘Cloud Paint’ in 2022, he’s supported the likes of Dirty Hit label mate Beabadoobee and Deb Never, and worked with Aminé, Biig Piig and spill tab. SOC

FROM: New York / LA, USA

Dora’s 2022 saw her dropping Really Very Good singles ‘Bumblebee’ and ‘Bump’, and joining Billie Eilish for the Happier Than Ever World Tour in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The 24-year-old has already captured the attention of fans and peers, with co-signs from the likes of Moses Sumney, Grimes and Charli XCX. SOC

Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

FROM: Galway, Ireland
LISTEN TO: I Don’t Recognise You

Ireland’s acclaimed dream pop exports may have taken their handle from a random name generator, but their swirling yet pensive sound encompasses a little more premeditated thought. Somehow stormy and bright at the same time, their feedback-drenched guitar-driven manner runs in the same vein as Soccer Mommy, surprisingly informed by painful shared formative experiences. SOC

FROM: Glasgow, UK
LISTEN TO: Factor 50!

Thrown together by a hairdresser and tattooist, the one thing this rag-tag bonded over immediately was their passion for music. In what can only be described as a five-way-match made in heaven, two joyful hits and a smattering of charisma have caused great intrigue; watch this space to learn more. FH

Photo credit: Siân Adler

FROM: Cardiff, UK

Armed with humorous lyricisms and addictive hooks, this Cardiff four-piece are smashing down the barriers of the music industry. Admittedly somewhat unhinged, with recent tracks honing in on ‘the ick’ and poor meal deal choices, Panic Shack are happiest when causing chaos. FH

FROM: Leicester, UK

Reinvigorating the tongue-in-cheek flavour of noughties pop, SOFY embodies the same charming wit and earworm choruses with a loose, conversational tone and subtle influences from the worlds of rap and hip-hop. Commenting on the drama of everyday life, her twelve-month dominance has taken the artist from a Leicester unknown to a tent-filling draw at Glastonbury. FH

Photo Credit: Adama Jalloh

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: people pleaser

A phenomenal year for Streatham’s star-in-waiting, 2022 saw the release of Cat’s six-track ‘emotionally unavailable’ EP, which includes platinum-selling single ‘go’. She also made her mark on the live stage this summer, including a sold-out headline performance at KOKO. Recently supporting Ed Sheeran on the European leg of his Mathematics Tour, she’ll reunite with him next summer, supporting on the North American leg of his Mathematics Tour alongside Khalid. SOC

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: With The Band

With a big online following, and fans in superstar names like Billie Eilish, Sophie May is every inch the modern musical prodigy. Her debut EP ‘You Do Not Have To Be Good’ got eyeballs firmly spinning in her direction, she’s written with Matt Maltese and Luca Buccellati – who produced Arlo Parks’ ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’, and supported Inhaler. Big things are afoot. SA

Photo Credit: Oli Erskine

FROM: Glasgow, UK
LISTEN TO: Shattered Faith

It’s fair to say VLURE’s appearance on our stage at The Great Escape took up a large amount of our attention at the seaside new music bash back in May. A force of nature, the Glaswegian gang have something that sets them apart from a sea of post-punkers. 2023 should see them blossom.. SA

Photo credit: Craig R McIntosh

FROM: Glasgow, UK
LISTEN TO: Yeah, Mud!

Formed together over 2021 lockdowns and quickly moving in together, these five Glaswegians may still be fleshing out their musical infancy, but their sound is very much fully formed; intended as a backdrop for frontman Andreas’ lyrics, a distinctly disoriented signature sound was quickly formed from fragments of off-kilter post-punk, erratic indie-pop and discordant post-hardcore. FH

FROM: Edinburgh, UK

Taking inspiration from Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker and Clairo, and aged just 20, Bonnie has organically racked up over 1 million streams for her self-described brand of ‘indie sadcore’. Signed to Dirty Hit, the former jazz guitar student released her EP ‘Running Out of Things to Say, Running Out of Things To Do’ in November.  SOC

FROM: Texas, USA
LISTEN TO: Romantic Homicide

Already climbing his way into the top 250 most-streamed artists worldwide, Houston singer David Burke is the very definition of breakout. Dragging his audience from the gaming world into a new-found passion for laid-back indie-pop, penning his dark emotions to the BandLab page has resulted in an accidental career in music. Whoops! Not bad for a 17-year-old, though. FH

Photo credit: Em Marcovecchio

FROM: Luton, UK
LISTEN TO: Bad Faith

Regressive Left deliver political starkness through a booming disco and post-punk fusion. Twisting modern horror into infectious and witty music, their dire diagnosis of British life is perhaps the most satisfying way to have fun in a world that’s crumbling apart. FH

Photo credit: Lily Doidge

FROM: London, UK (via Bristol and Chicago)
LISTEN TO: Eclipse

Meeting as strangers in the big city and rapidly becoming permanent besties, Louise Macphail and Kristen McFadden have sparked a friendship as unlikely as it is infectious. Hailing from Bristol and Chicago respectively, the duo’s perspectives fused to form one singular voice that speaks bold and brave as easily as it offers an intimate whisper. FH

Photo credit: Frances Beach

FROM: São Paulo, Brazil / Sheffield, UK
LISTEN TO: bugfood

Now Sheffield based (you’ve probably heard of her husband, ‘fyi’) having hailed from Brazil, 2022 has seen singer-slash-songwriter-slash-visual-creator Alissic make her live debut at Great Escape and continue her rise at Reading Festival. With over 2 million followers across her socials already and a 6 million streams, she explains that she doesn’t “want to make just a pop sound but to add elements of difference, and create a new style.” SOC

FROM: Manchester, UK
LISTEN TO: we move!

Growing up on the outskirts of Manchester, Daniella Lubasu feels that the city’s strong indie rock legacy has had an “inevitable” impact on her. Equally significant was the music of her Congolese heritage – with its upbeat rhythms, driving bass and intricate electric guitar riffs a constant presence in her childhood. First writing music at the age of 13, she used it as an emotional outlet during her teenage years. Now 18 and navigating her A Levels, her recent EP ‘The Della Variant’ sets classic coming-of-age concerns to the backdrop of wider social issues.  SOC

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: You can’t yet – there’s nothing online outside of live videos on YouTube. Sorry.

Something of a mystery band until recently for those not keeping an eye on the South London scene, Fat Dog have now firmly been let out to run amok following their recent buzzy support slot with Sports Team – a run where they threatened to outdo the masters of chaos on a nightly basis. From the shades of punk and electro swirling around them, to the cowboy hats and wild crowds, these dogs have got us all barking for more. JM

FROM: Oxford, UK
LISTEN TO: I’m Trynna Tell U That I Love U

Artemas started 2022 with the release of ‘I’m Sorry’, produced by regular collaborator Two Inch Punch. Quickly followed up with mixtape ‘I’m Sorry I’m Like This’, it spanned his signature blend of styles as he pushed the outer reaches of his sound. On the live front, Artemas earned a slot at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.  SOC

Photo credit: Ste Murray

FROM: Dublin, Ireland
LISTEN TO: Literary Mind 

Dublin punks Sprints are a band with stuff to say. Loud and abrasive in the best way possible, they’ve been ticking up the co-signs in impressive style over the last 18 months or so. Unafraid to speak their mind and deliver it with a sharpness more cutting than a wall of knives, run don’t walk to their next show in town. SA

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Small Matters

Will Tse’s self-described ‘claustrophobic grunge’ style combined the bright heights of Britpop and the murky pits of garage rock from within his Hackney bedroom, and thus Daisy Brain was born. Emo aesthetics and melodic appeal are all grounded within an unpretentious Gen-Z perspective, making it hard to not meet these songs with wide eyes and immediate awe.

Full of angst, crunchy guitars and sticky floor basslines, Daisy Brain is building a discography designed to be screamed at the highest volume. Told his whole life that he would never make it, an outcast rage only enhanced his sense of enthusiasm and ambition as he buried a sense of defiance within the very foundations of this project.

Having already trodden the boards of Alexandra Palace alongside YUNGBLUD, it’s safe to say the in-your-face middle finger is somewhat justified. Tapping into stadium-sized memories of key influences My Chemical Romance and Green Day while acting as a conduit for their era-defining rawness, Daisy Brain’s possibilities seem endless. FH

FROM: London, UK

Only emerging in the last 12 months, Boy Bleach have already secured support slots with Yungblud and Only The Poets and amassed a dedicated fan base. They’ve just performed two sold out shows at London’s Camden Assembly off the back of their first EP ‘or are you normal’ with a headline UK tour also on the way.  SOC

Photo Credit: Misha Warren

FROM: Leeds, UK
LISTEN TO: Lonely Bitch

Alt-popster Mollie Coddled is a professional emotion-splurger, navigating her early 20s as a neurodivergent with extreme attitude and overwhelming cheek in the best way possible. Always providing a unique perspective, this creative force is still getting to know herself and bringing listeners in on a personal but broadly affecting experience impossible to deny. FH

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: fried

This South London indie-popper has a knack for layering down boisterous melodies and buzzing instrumental layers, all while using his songs to explore some serious topics with a joyful grin. Moving on from his ‘trying not to deep it’ EP era, joey is starting to document his coming-of-age experience with relentless satire. Whatever that might go on to encompass, we already know that this DIY musician refuses to play by the rules. FH

FROM: Kildare, Ireland
LISTEN TO: Graduating

There’s no need to mention Nell’s brother (yes, it is) when her musical output is so fucking brilliant. Duetting with future sis-in-law Phoebe Bridgers at Brixton Academy and heading off on the road with Phoebe Green, her debut single ‘Graduating’ is nothing short of stunning. More, immediately please. A future superstar. SA

FROM: Bathgate, UK
LISTEN TO: 2030 Revolution

This Scottish youngster has already proven his talent through a pair of rattling, extended releases, but has plenty more to serve up yet if his social media presence is anything to go by. With the live talent to back up his genre-deforming tunes – as evidenced by blistering festival performances and stand-out support slots alongside Inhaler and Holly Humberstone – Fraser offers vast potential in a thrilling package. FH

Photo credit: Guy Gooch

FROM: Sheffield, UK
LISTEN TO: Popstar

Laidback and lo-fi, warm and soulful, Frankie Beetlestone’s jazz, rock, and funk influences blend into a soft and comforting expose of British youth culture. Drum beats and catchy riffs stimulate a trance only interrupted by occasional rap verses. Rising above lad culture, no dismissal has been able to restrain his ambition. FH

FROM: Canterbury, UK
LISTEN TO: Ghost Of You

Offering effortless deep dives into goosebump-inducing emotion, Mimi Webb has stormed onto the scene and made one hell of an impression. Having already entered the UK Top 10 more than once, legions of fans are swarming to celebrate her huge but confessional pop bangers on the big stages. Far from being overwhelmed, Webb has adapted to a hectic new lifestyle with ease, using her vulnerability to offer refuge to those who see the same in themselves. After three years of work, her debut album is set to arrive in March and promises to explore the duality of Amelia’s rural upbringing and the stage dominance a musical persona has gifted her. Deliberately pushing her limits and leaving observers an awestruck mess, Mimi’s true moment of reckoning is almost here. FH

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Overgrown

Yaz has been ‘active’ on YouTube since the age of 13 – but this isn’t a case of a backwards fit musical career stapled onto an existing star. Across a run of tracks to date, the North West Londoner has proved herself both fresh and fantastic, but with a flash of pop brilliance to boot. SA

Photo Credit: Edie Morris

FROM: Cardiff, UK
LISTEN TO: Hold The Line

Charismatically upbeat attitudes, jangly riffs and a chameleon-like ability to move from surf to folk and back, Welsh wonderboys Melin Melyn are gearing up for a year guaranteed to bring even more smiles from the gang. Fresh from releasing their second EP, ‘Happy Gathering’, Melin Melyn have proven that their gleeful brand of rock can only continue veering in the most unpredictable, joyous of directions. NM

FROM: Toronto, Canada
LISTEN TO: Wish U Picked Me…

Singer-songwriter, producer, musical director, and multi-instrumentalist Saya Gray recently signed to Dirty Hit and released her debut EP ‘19 MASTERS’. A steady stream of releases have gained a recognition for her grunge-infused sound, vivid storytelling and unconventional songwriting. SOC

Photo credit: Sonny Hammersley

FROM: Essex, UK
LISTEN TO: Cherish

Nabbing their name from a Bauhaus track, She’s In Parties are the talk of the town right now for a reason. This year’s string of goth-pop singles has seen the band cement themselves as one of those bands we just can’t get enough of – breezy, shoegaze-heavy and contrastingly radiant guitars and resonant vocals proves to be a winning combination for the four-piece. NM

Photo credit: Rory Dunn

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Take It Slow

Bleach Lab released their first two EPs in 2021 to wide acclaim for their organic, dreamy sound. This year has seen them release a further EP ‘If You Only Feel It Once’, delving deeper into an immersive world. Having spent the summer appearing at UK festivals, they’re rounding off the year with a run of headline dates. SOC

FROM: Kilkenny, Ireland
LISTEN TO: Never Gonna Stop

Producer Ben O’Sullivan and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Paddy King have been making music together since 2020, when they released their debut project ‘Neon Palm Trees’. Since then, they’ve have been on a roll, selling out their debut headline shows 6 months in advance and amassing over 40 million streams.  SOC

Photo credit: Frances Beach

FROM: New York, USA

This NYC five-piece admit to defining their sound within their home, but have already had success in exporting it across the channel. Stepping beyond the boundaries of their obvious influences, Been Stellar balance the tough scale weighing up broad noise and honed melodies. On their self-titled debut EP, toughened grit and organic attitude embody the band’s current surroundings in an excellent first step forward – the next one will be their debut album, which is already in the works. FH

Photo credit: Henry Ager

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Take Your Time

Fast rising South West London trio Slaney Bay are already making big waves in the capital. With their just released, Really Very Good  debut EP ‘A Life Worth Living’, they’ve got the kind of easy to love energy that quickly wins over even the hardest of stone cold hearts. The potential is obvious. SA

FROM: London, UK
LISTEN TO: Play Pretend

Originally adopting the moniker dexter to hide her musical ventures from her family, the South Londoner initially caught interest with tracks recorded on just on her iPhone. It was on her first project that she upgraded to a MacBook and got her first vocal mic – her debut EP receiving high praise. She’s followed up this year with project ‘Fortune Cookie’, capping it off by touring with Denzel Curry. SOC

FROM: Melbourne, Australia
LISTEN TO: New York, Paris and London

Currently supporting Sam Fender back home in Australia, the Melbourne trio have already shown every sign of having the world at their collective feet. With their early singles reminiscent of early The Cure and New Order, they are a more than welcome refresher after the recent years of identikit post-punk bands that forgot how to dance. These are classes you’re gonna want to take, trust us. JM

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