Anne-Marie has teamed up with 1D’s Niall Horan for new track ‘Our Song’, and has a new album coming this July

'Therapy' is coming on 23rd July.

Pop-bopster Anne-Marie has announced details of her new album.

It’s titled ‘Therapy’, and is set to be released on 23rd July. To celebrate-slash-promote the news, she’s also released a brand new single, ‘Our Song’.

Teaming up with 1D crooner Niall Horan, it comes with a video ‘loosely inspired by Bonnie & Clyde’, and debuts at 1pm BST here.

No, they’ve probably not robbed any gas stations. If anyone from 1D was going to rob a gas stations it would be Louis. Though for legal reasons, obviously he wouldn’t.

Also featuring singles ‘Don’t Play’ and ‘Way Too Long’, Anne-Marie says: “Ugh”.

Oh wait, there’s more.

“It feels SO GOOD (capital letters! – Ed) to announce my new album, ‘Therapy’.

“Music is a source of healing for everyone and music is therapy itself, right?! I hadn’t realised until we were hit by the pandemic just how much I NEEDED music.

Quite the admission for a ‘professional’ ‘musician’, Dear Reader, but onwards we go!

“I need to perform. I need to write. My lyrics are my open diary to you all and writing this album has helped me focus and understand my feelings. I needed this album.

“As well as seeking therapy from writing and music in general, I’ve also been on a journey of seeing a psychiatrist this past year and it has changed my life. I’ve always tried to be as open as I can with my fans about my own journey and through seeing a professional, I’ve been able to start combatting and understand the anxieties my brain has dealt me over the years. I am learning, and I am progressing.

“This album helped me get to that place too and it encapsulates lots of feelings and emotions, whether it’s tracks that focus on my own ride, or the ones that I have just loved making, and I hope you can lose yourself in it.

“I made this for you and me.”

And also, crucially, the record label – but yes. Good words Anne-Marie. Big claps. Sorry for the bad jokes.

‘Therapy’ features credits from the likes of Max Martin, Kamille, MNEK, Raye, TMS, Blake Slatkin, Ed Sheeran, Nathan Dawe and Pleasted. Quite the list.

You can check out new track ‘Our Song’ below.

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