Conan Gray is finally dropping his much-teased new bop ‘Telepath’ later this month

The former Dork cover star has revealed the title and release date for the song he's been teasing for weeks.

We’re getting a brand new track from Conan Gray very soon.

If, like us, you’re ‘a fan’ of the former Dork cover star, you may very well be an avid follower of his TikTok account.

If so, you’ve probably noticed he’s been posting lots of videos using a sound from a new song over recent weeks. Despite all that, we’ve not actually known when we’ll get to hear the full thing, until now.

In a new post, Conan has announced the track is titled ‘Telepath’ (so not ‘ur just so predictable’, as the sound label suggested), and will be released in two weeks. That’s Friday, 29th October.

You can check out the post below.

@conangray #duet with @cardiganivy ♬ ur just so predictable – conangray

It’s – probably – another taster of Conan’s forthcoming second album. When we caught up with him for the cover of Dork earlier this year, he revealed that the album isn’t out yet because “it’s not done”

“I’m tearing pieces of my soul out to write these songs,” he explained. “It’s going to take a little while. [A finished record] isn’t too far off, but I’m still in it. I’m deep in the middle of the process right now.”

“I’ve always been a perfectionist; I’ve always needed to do things as well as I possibly can because I’m so scared of not being good enough. I’m afraid of letting people down. That’s just who I am, and it’s affected my life drastically. But, it’s also a mistake to stop questioning your music. I think that’s when really bad art starts getting released.”

“There is a lot of pressure,” Conan admitted. “I really don’t want to let the fans down. I’m not trying to make music that’s necessarily catchy and cool; it’s more about ‘I’ve felt like this, have you felt it too?’ It’s always been that question for me. What I’ve always done is write music that I’m trying to understand myself through, that I’m also trying to understand them through. It’s always been about that connection. I’m constantly afraid of upsetting them, so I have to make music that feels genuine to me. Fans see right through anything else, so I have to be real.”

You can read the full Conan Gray cover feature here.

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