Imaginary People are teasing their upcoming album with new single, ‘Bronx Girl’

The New York band's new video was inspired by the story of a couple meeting in the 90s...

Imaginary People have shared their new single, ‘Bronx Girl’.

The track is taken from the New York City-based band’s upcoming new album ‘Alibi’, set for release in spring, and arrives with a video shot in Central Park and inspired by an elaborate story from the 90s.

Lead singer Von Wagner says of the clip: “As I remember it, in early April 1999 a man I knew was on a film shoot and all day he was mesmerised by this woman. She was playing an extra in this period piece, sort of a 1960s piece with lots of fashion flavour for costumes. Well after he was done, he decided to take a stroll through central park and luck would have it he stumbled on this beautiful woman a little while later sitting on a bench. As she tells it, things became quite surreal as they stared at each other for a few minutes she got up and he followed. After a long adventure around the park they eventually began to walk next to each other and at this point, they still haven’t said one word, nothing. So she finally broke the ice and said, “if we still feel the same way, let’s meet again same day next year at 2pm, same spot.” She then kissed him on the cheek and as she walked away she said, ‘Actually, make it ever year, shit happens.’”

He adds: “Later that night the man went out with some friends to see the Arthur Miller play Death of a Salesman on Broadway, while she ended up seeing a late showing of the film The Matrix after being stood up on a date. On her way back home, fate would have it she was struck by a car that ran a red light and after a week in critical condition and a brief coma she awoke (she healed up fine). Now, when one awakes from a brief coma, The Matrix isn’t the greatest film to see right before a traumatic, confusing event. As she began talking to her mother she mentioned she wasn’t sure if she had this encounter with this man in the park or if it was a dream, but she did remember the details, date time etc. So a year later she went back to the bench at 2pm and he never showed, and she wondered was it true? The next year again, and still he was a no show. Was it a glitch in The Matrix or maybe he met someone else? Then in 2002 she went again and before she sat down on the bench, she heard “Fuck me, It’s true. 3rd times a charm.” And yes, they’re still together, they live on the west side of central park with two dogs and one crazy Iguana named Ralph or maybe it’s Rodolfo. I can’t recall. So in homage to their little romantic cinema, I decided to do a Matrix re-enactment cause maybe there was a glitch.”

Check it out below.

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