Lorde played two new tracks at Boardmasters – check out footage of both

They hint at a return to a sound closer to her previous material than that displayed on 'Solar Power'.

Lorde has started previewing new material, playing two new songs at Boardmasters festival last night (Friday 11th August).

Rumours of a follow-up to her previous album ‘Solar Power’ have been rife, after Lorde suggested back in March she was trying to “move as quickly as I fucking can” on new music. “I don’t ant to wait, so take from that what you will.”

The two tracks – titled on a setlist as ‘Silver Moon’ and ‘Invisible Ink’ – hint at a return to a sound closer to her previous material than that displayed on ‘Solar Power’.

UPDATE: Lorde has reportedly messaged a fan page to explain the two track titles are not final names, and are just the track files on her computer. They’re also demo versions.

She’s recently reworked the tracks from that album into a “Night Vision” edition, performing them with updated, more electropop-sounding arrangements. There’s also been a change in visual style since the first leg of her ‘Solar Power’ world tour, leaving fans to speculate a new release may be coming soon.

It all fits in with a comment she made last summer in London, stating she was “getting nearer” to writing “bangers” again.

Writing on Instagram on Thursday (10th August), Lorde explained: “These times are beautiful and they freak me out and there’s so much to tell you.”

“No this is not the start of anything out there, just want u to know there’s a light on inside me .. show it to you soon.”

You can check out fan-shot clips of the new songs below.

@lordeupdates LORDE JUST PLAYED NEW MUSIC IN THE UK #lordetok #lorde ♬ original sound – Lorde Updates
@lordeupdates LORDE PLAYED TWO NEW SONGS TONIGHT IN THE UK AND WE DONT KNOW HOW TO ACT #lordetok #lorde ♬ original sound – Lorde Updates

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