Lowertown have released their debut album, ‘I Love To Lie’, alongside the new single, ‘My Friends’

The 11-track LP arrived today, October 21st, via Dirty Hit.
Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

Lowertown have just dropped their debut album, ‘I Love To Lie’. Their new single, ‘My Friends’, has also been shared with a music video accompaniment.

The new arrival follows the release of recent singles ‘Bucktooth’, ‘Antibiotics’, and ‘No Way’.

Lowertown’s Olivia Osby says: “I wrote ‘My Friends’ when I was 19 in the summer of 2021 about the first group of people I fell into when I first moved to New York. Their way of life was incredibly fast-paced, volatile, and dramatic. It felt so enticing because I had never experienced anything like it before. They were all larger than life people, always so spontaneous and ‘cool’. There was always a plan, always a story, always something to do or talk about.”

“They felt like caricatures of the ‘cool’ people I’d seen in movies,” she continues. “We’d drive around the city and bar hop, and walk around until the sun came up. It felt great. I felt like I was finally living the adult life that was taken from me with the pandemic, but slowly I began to realise it was all wearing on me, on all of us.”

“The fantasy I had built in my head was not the reality I was living. I was sick all the time and kept losing my voice. I was always in pain and my stomach was always upset. I started losing sight of anything that seemed important to me before I’d moved to New York. I saw my friends dissolve; their behaviour was erratic, spiteful, and illogical. They wouldn’t sleep or eat for days then they’d have outbursts of anger and paranoia towards me and each other.”

“This kind of life had consequences, and I realised everyone around me was just as lost as I was,” Osby admits. “We were swimming in quicksand, trying to get out and trying to make ourselves feel better, but just getting sucked further in.”

You can watch the music video for the new single, ‘My Friends’, here:

You can listen to ‘I Love To Liehere – the full tracklist reads as below:

1. My Friends
2. Antibiotics
3. Bucktooth
4. I’m Not
5. It’s It’s It’s
6. No Way
7. Scum
8. At The End
9. Goon
10. Waltz in Ab minor
11. It’s Easy For Me

Lowertown will be supporting Beabadoobee on her US dates over the next two months – full dates and tickets are available here.

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