Maggie Rogers has shared a preview of new music

She also has confirmed that her third LP is being mixed.
Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett

Maggie Rogers has taken to Instagram to share a preview of previously unreleased material.

With the caption “LP3 is being mixxxxxxed”, it’s not a reach to speculate that we are being serenaded with new material from her upcoming record. She had previously posted that the album was finished back in May.

A ballad accompanied by Maggie on piano, the clip is captioned with lyrics. They read: “So close the door and change the channel. Give me something I can handle. A good lover, or someone that’s nice to me. Take my money. Wreck my Sundays. Love me til your next somebody. But promise me when it’s time to leave, don’t forget me.”

Her second studio album ‘Surrender’ was released in July 2022.

Maggie is touring across the summer months, with a mix of headline shows in North America and festival sets. You can check out Dork’s photos from her set in the sunshine at Glastonbury 2023 here.

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