MAY-A has released a new EP teaser track, ‘Something Familiar’

Her new EP is coming in September.

MAY-A has released a new single.

‘Something Familiar’ follows on from the Aussie singer-songwriter’s recent drops ‘Your Funeral’, ‘Sweat You Out My System’ and ‘LOLA’, and arrives ahead of new EP, ‘Analysis Paralysis’, set for release on 1st September.

“This song feels like a sweeter sibling to ‘Sweat You Out My System’ or a continuation of “Swing of Things” from ‘don’t kiss your friends,” she explains. “Continuing the theme of being addicted to somebody that you’re not quite able to kick. The sad familiarity of a person, their house and their things, no matter how much time you spend away from them, everything feels like it goes back to that first time you were together when you see them again.”

Check out the new track below; the EP’s full tracklisting reads:

Something Familiar
Your Funeral
Sweat You Out My System
Guilty Conscience

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