MUNA are moving on up with their new single, ‘Stayaway’

It's a cut from the trio's upcoming new album.

To celebrate their appearance on the cover of Dork (that’s how this is working, right?), MUNA have dropped a new video.

Their single ‘Stayaway’ is taken from the trio’s upcoming album ‘Saves The World’, due out 6th September.

“[It’s] a song about trying to rid yourself of a negative pattern and realising that it requires you to make a whole network of other changes, like pulling at a small weed to reveal a dense and mighty root system,” they explain.

“If we try to just rip the pattern out on its own, maybe it will stay gone for a little while, but soon enough it will grow back because it’s supported by all the other things we do and how we do them – by our way of life.

“Staying away for good requires a careful dismantling and reconstruction of the whole root system, down to the way we think. For us, today, this song is a reminder of how hard it once was. We listen to it and feel free, proud, and grateful.”

Check out ‘Stayaway’ below, and pick up their issue of Dork after the jump.

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