NiNe8 Collective have shared a new single, ‘Noodle Poodle’, ahead of their Fabric takeover tonight

The single arrives with an Amelia Studios-produced music video too.

NiNe8 Collective have just dropped a new track, ‘Noodle Poodle’, before they host an underground music showcase at Fabric tonight (September 30th)

The track received its BBC Radio 1 First Play with Clara Amfo, and follows last month’s release, ‘Nige Piano (Deja Vu)‘. The single arrives with a partially-animated music video produced by Amelia Studios (The 1975, Holly Humberstone) and is due to be remixed by piri & tommy’s Tommy Villers as well as Gemini Aaliyah later this year.

Speaking on the track, NiNe8 member Lava La Rue says, “‘Noodle Poodle’ sonically fits into a genre me and Nige like to jokingly call ‘Brit Trip’. It’s really hard to describe the genre of any NiNE8 music as it’s such a mash up of what often get slapped under the buzzword umbrella of “lofi uk hip hop” but our most recent songs feel like a real hybrid of brit pop & trip hop influence. Brit pop not just being the alt rock genre but its original meaning of popular British music.”

“‘Noodle Poodle’ is a song about relationships written from various different perspectives,” Mac Wetha chips in. “We were all writing about the same subject and maybe even about similar events, but everyone’s reactions and points of view differ when it comes to love and friendship, and that’s what this is all about.” 

Bone Slim adds, “‘Noodle Poodle’ is about being entangled in a situation but being defiant even when it gets tough to stick at it, whether it’s a relationship or a common objective, if you power through; love will always prevail.”

You can listen to ‘Noodle Poodlehere, and check out the music video below:

NiNe8 Collective are hosting a multi-room and multi-genre underground music event at Fabric London tonight, September 30th. Tickets are available here.

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