Rae Morris heads to Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom for her new ‘Go Dancing’ video

The song is taken from her upcoming album, 'Rachel@Fairyland'.

Rae Morris is back with her new single, ‘Go Dancing’.

The song – taken from her upcoming album ‘Rachel@Fairyland’, set for release on 8th July – arrives alongside a video filmed between the Tower Ballroom in her hometown Blackpool and Rae’s London home.

A press release explains: “Just one of a number of songs across the album with a wildly romantic core, ‘Go Dancing’ is based around the narrative of Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Phantom Thread’ film – which also shot its NYE party scene in the iconic Tower Ballroom. Bringing it closer to home, the single examines the early days of Morris’s relationship with partner Fryars (featured on the single) but updates the context now that the couple have a baby daughter (AKA Mrs Dribbs, who has a starring role in the video). It depicts that classic task of navigating and respecting each others’ needs and desires whilst striking a balance between codependency and independence – all wrapped up in a fun, lighthearted ode to dancing and the freedoms it brings.”

Check out the new video below.

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