The Chats have shared their new single ‘6L GTR’, plus news of their next album

The new single was inspired by a numberplate spotted in an airport carpark.

The Chats have announced their new album, ‘Get Fucked’.

Set for release on 19th August, the news arrives alongside teaser single ‘6L GTR’, which was inspired by a numberplate Eamon spotted in an airport carpark.

“I don’t even know if the car itself was actually a six-litre GTR or anything,” he explains. “To be honest with you, I don’t even know what a car like that would look like! I can’t drive! That was the thing, we were just trying to get into this dude’s head. We were like, ‘When he’s fangin’ it in his car, what’s in his head? What does he do?’ It was a fun exercise.”

The video for ‘6L GTR’ was made by animator and illustrator Marco Imov, who comments: “They hinted that it would be cool if instead of being directly about the car, it should be about the band wanting the car. From there it kind of wrote itself down. It was mostly pain and sweat to finish it in time, after writing down stupid ideas that would be difficult to draw – lol!”

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

1. 6L GTR
2. Struck By Lightning
3. Boggo Breakout
4. Southport Superman
5. Panic Attack
6. Ticket Inspector
7. The Price Of Smokes
8. Dead On Site
9. Paid Late
10. I’ve Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane
11. Out On The Street
12. Emperor Of The Beach
13. Getting Better

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