Dork cover stars The Driver Era have shared a new video for ‘Places’

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The Driver Era have shared a new video for ‘Places’.

The clip was directed by Ross Lynch, assisted by brother Ryland Lynch, filmed by longtime collaborator, cousin Gordy De St Jeor, and stars Rocky and his real-life girlfriend, actress Alex Hopkins.

“‘Places’ is me opening up and becoming honest with myself and with another girl in a relationship, finding new territory and new emotions and not necessarily knowing how to navigate them,” Rocky Lynch tells Dork. “That’s primarily what ‘Places’ is. It’s me opening up and being surprised by the confusion of it.

“A lot of times I’ll write a song about a situation or relationship or a girl after the fact, like ‘I wish this still existed’, or whatever. Maybe I won’t see that person ever again. This was a situation where I was driving in my car to go see this girl, playing the song and driving through the neighbourhood and writing it as I’m experiencing these things. So it’s actually one of the more crazy situations for me with releasing a song. The song almost isn’t even finished, in a way. It’s special, for sure.”

Give it a watch below, and find the duo on the cover of the September issue of Dork.

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