Standing firm with timeless big pop energy, ‘UNLEARNING’ arrives in a perfect moment.

Label: Lucky Number
Released: 1st April 2022

Timing is everything. For a band, getting that debut album right is of vital importance. Go too early and your identity may not be fully formed, leaving unfulfilled potential on the table. Leave it too late, and that all important buzz might fade before it even begins.

Thankfully, Walt Disco’s timing is impeccable. Over the past couple of years, the Glasgow band have blossomed, growing into their own sonic skin to become one of the most iconic, identifiable new acts on the planet. Standing firm with timeless big pop energy, ‘UNLEARNING’ arrives in a perfect moment.

From the one-two punch of opener ‘Weightless’ and follow-up ‘Selfish Lover’, Walt Disco prove they’re a band to always go big. Lavished with pomp and bombast, there’s no chance of slipping past quietly. The yelping, razor sharp ‘Cut Your Hair’ remains a highlight, while closer ‘If I Had A Perfect Life’ shows an all together different side to the band – weird but wonderful in a whole new glitching sonic palette.

But the true strength of Walt Disco is in their desire to exist amongst the fantastical. The vampy drama of ‘Macilent’ and the lackadaisical swagger of ‘How Cool Are You?’ mark a band who don’t just stand out in the here and now – they’d have stood tall amongst the Smash Hits pop icons of the 80s too. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Pet Shop Boys, Walt Disco. As accolades go, they don’t come better than that.

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