Utrecht quartet Banji have revealed a video for their new single ‘Chills’

The track is about being stuck in a rut, but it doesn't sound much like it is.
Photo credit: Benjamin Srijindarat.

Utrecht quartet Banji have revealed a video for their new single ‘Chills’.

Directed by Pasqual Amade, Lead vocalist Morris Brandt explains of the track: “Chills is about being in a rut. That feeling of how everything around you goes too fast to keep up with. It’s something everybody struggles with now and then, looking for grip. But when you can’t find that, you tend to give up and it feels like you’re stuck. Sometimes I get really tied up with myself, and it feels like my brain can’t really process what I’m trying to deal with. Being okay with that, acknowledging it, and taking a step back has helped me a lot.”

It doesn’t sound like a track stuck in any rut, though. A bright, fizzy bop, ‘Chills’ is actually a birrova toe-tapper.

As well as musicians, each member of Banji is also a budding producer. Having cut their teeth working with Jeroen De Pessemier at ICP Studios in Brussels, they’ve fully taken the production duties themselves on ‘Chills’.

You can check out the video for ‘Chills’ below.

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