Lorde has updated her profile photo on Facebook and yes, this is news

You can bet we're going to get excited.

Yes, Dear Reader. We’re absolutely going to do a whole news story about Lorde updating her profile picture on Facebook.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the much-missed pop icon has changed her image on the social network. It’s now a blurry, sparkly image in what looks like some sort of sand/desert/maybe-rocky-moon-sort-of-situation – which is taken from the ‘Melodrama’ era (it’s part of the booklet that came with the album), and has been used previously, but does mean it’s been swapped for some reason. Perhaps getting ready for a further change – perhaps one around an announcement? Let’s say that.

Please understand, we are very eager for Lorde to ‘come back’, and therefore will grasp at any and every straw thrust in our direction. We refuse to apologise. We’re called Dork for a reason.

You can check it out in the tweets below. And yes, it has indeed been updated within the last day. Oooooooh, etc.


Lorde’s third album – the one which will surely save the world – is expected to arrive at some point in 2021. Last year, she provided an update that suggested the album was starting “to take shape”, it “has its own colours now” and is “so fucking good”.

If you want more of an idea on what to expect, you can read our in-depth investigation, based on Lorde’s taste in onion rings, here. Science, kids. Science.

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